A Bespoke Cycling Expedition Amongst The Mountains

The prospect of a cycling expedition amongst some of the world’s pristine places is intriguing including it involves some of the most challenging terrains. In order to make an expedition in such conditions very much of a reality, proper accommodation and set up are a must.

The Backdrop:

The expeditions like these are more common in places like the European Alps. The Alpine range serves as a great cycling experience both to the people looking for serious adventures as well as for the people that are just interested in a leisurely cycling experience. A number of other sports activities are too held in the region. The sports activities are also segmented accordingly.


The Alpine range manages to draw visitors from all across the globe. The range is also world renowned through the famous Tour de France bicycle race.  A Pyrenees cycling holidays involves both the steep climbs and descents along the slope of the Tour de France Cols and the relatively flatter countryside of Cathar.

Other Attractions:

An unused railway track which has been converted into a pedestrian and cycle friendly track over a length of 40 km serve as one of the other attractions for tourists in and around the range. The track known as the VoiVert dates back from the 2nd world war. A lake is also situated close by for open water swimming during the summer time.

Seasonal Activities:

The activities undertaken in the mountain range are mostly undertaken on a seasonal basis. This is because of the mountainous location that makes the weather change considerably from season to season. From the month of May to September it is more about canoeing, whitewater rafting etc. The January to March period is full of activities like skiing both Nordic and Alpine and snow walking. The walking experience is complete through the mountain countryside as the famed Chemin de la Liberte. The walking is made easy with the help of marked footpaths that adorn the hilly road.

Facilities on Offer:

The Pyrenees mountain biking is complete with the organizations that have set up bases in the area to offer accommodation and training camps. The huge network of roads in a quiet surrounding makes it suitable for both serious mountains biking as well as for leisurely road cycling. Cycles are available for hire. The accommodations available are for both the long and short duration stays. The area has other historic settings including a number of medieval villages and towns making a beautiful landscape. The accommodation is taken care through the availability of services like the bed and breakfast, self-catering service or even a full board or a combination stay. The availability of the services extends throughout the year.

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