Muay Thai Training Camp In Thailand

Muay Thai or also known as Thai Boxing is the national Thai sport, deeply engraved in the culture of the nation. It is highly effective martial art with some visually pleasing movements rich in dynamic. Many people travel to Thailand to get a glimpse of this sport. Although it is available worldwide and there are many tournaments around the globe, the most authentic form of the sport is in Thailand. The very fact that the Western Muay Thai fighters are called Nak Muay Farang (meaning foreign boxer) proves that this sport has its most authentic form in Thailand.

Living in Thailand

The prices in the country itself are cheap, and one Westener can easily set up a life there, provided that he or she feels adventurous enough. The community is acceptable, and if you have always dreamed of being a Muay Thai champion, there is no better place to train and save money than in Thailand. The beaches over there are a beautiful spot to freely practice your skills.

Training and Conditioning

Muay Thai is a heavy training sport which requires extensive conditioning – especially if one wants to maintain professional league level. It is a full contact sport that requires a fit body. Fitness and toughness is in Muay Thai’s core. Some of the exercises require sports conditioning such as abdominal exercises, shadowboxing, body weight resistance exercises, running, rope jumping, medicine ball exercises, and depending on the case – weightlifting. The kicks of Muay Thai fighters are heavily relied upon the shin bone. Therefore, the practitioners of this martial art often hit a dense, heavy bag with their shins in order to condition them and toughen them. At first, this practice will hurt a lot, but then the body will slowly get used to it.

Children Training in Thailand

In 2016 alone, there were 10 000 children registered for training Muay Thai in Thailand camps. This is one of the most wide spread sports and is extremely popular among under aged children. What is important to mention is that it is not all about fighting but also about conditioning the spirit. This martial art amongst most is shaping the discipline of a young person and teaching him or her a thing or two about the ego.

Once you get crushed by the opposite person, you will have to learn how to balance your mind and control your ego. Condition your spirit and bring up your discipline in order to come back as strong as possible. This is an inseparable part of the conditioning of a Muay Thai fighter as well as most martial arts and sports in that matter. Except the fighting part which can be effectively used for self-defense, the person training will also develop a healthy body and great conditioning. There are many Muay Thai camps such as  which have good Thai fighters.

Going into the professional world of Muay Thai, however, can bring its negative consequences on the health and particularly on the health. One knockout is enough to damage your brain permanently, so you have to consider very carefully what you are going for and is it worth it to fight on a professional level.

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