Trying To Choose A Protective Bag For Your Self Balancing Scooter

Choosing the best hoverboard bag can be very difficult. Hoverboards have become the latest craze this year after many top celebrities such as Miley Cyrus were seen riding these self-balancing scooters through Los Angeles. Christmas saw sales of these hoverboards go through the roof, along with electric unicycles and electric scooters. They are now the must have item for kids at school these days.

Hoverboards can be pretty expensive. Some on the biggest e-retailers offer these hoverboards at around the $300 to $500 mark. So they can be very expensive. Especially when used by your kids, they can become damaged pretty quickly, so I would recommend taking out a warranty which are freely available, and install hoverboard guards which protect the hoverboard from unnecessary damage. But the main piece of equipment you should buy is a hoverboard bag.

There are many hoverboard bags appearing on the market and they are appearing almost as fast as new hoverboards are appearing. Because of the shape of these bags, they are made to fit certain models. Plus, many hoverboards have differing wheel diameters. Some bags are designed for use with hoverboards that have wheels with a diameter of 6 inches, while others are designed for use with self balancing scooters with 7 inch wheels. It is important to note that you need to buy a bag that is an exact fit to your hoverboard, otherwise it will not fit and you will have to return it.

It is important to buy a protective bag that is made of waterproof material. If you carry the hoverboard around in the rain, and the bag is not waterproof, it may damage the gyroscopes in the hoverboard. If these become damaged, the hoverboard will need repaired which can be expensive. That is why a warranty is important along with buying a bag.

Make sure the bag has room for your charger aswell, just in case you run out of power mid journey. Good luck choosing a bag!

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