Want to Get Your Family Moving Again? Get a Basketball Net!

Today more than ever, kids need to get moving. With so many opportunities for them to play video games, become dependent on their phones, or surf the web, it can be a challenge to keep them active. In a recent article, the BBC reported that researchers have found children are spending upwards of 6 hours a day in front of screens! Turning your home into a fun place for your children to hang out and play away from screens isn’t as hard as it may seem. One way to get them moving is with a basketball net.

It should come as no surprise to a parent that kids have plenty of energy to burn once they start playing. Weight gain and child obesity are, generally speaking, issues involving inertia: it’s difficult to build new habits and break old ones without an impetus to get started. It’s much easier to start as a community or family to prioritize active lifestyles. There’s no better way to do that than through sports. Getting a basketball net is sure to help kids constructively use their energy, get some exercise, and maybe even nurture some athletic ambitions with all that competitive energy. Best of all, it gets the whole family moving and allows you to have fun and bond together.

According to some sources, basketball doesn’t only burn calories and increase strength; it also aids in coordination and refines motor skills. Physical activity can also help kids focus better on detailed tasks such as homework assignments, and it can increase their concentration and help them sleep better at night. Whether you’re playing a game ofhorse, shooting hoops alone, or have neighbourhood kids over to create full teams, everyone can have an awesome and engaging time during this simple game.

Along with your basketball system, which comes in adjustable heights and sizes from Play Rainbow, there are so many different ways you can keep your little ones active. A jungle gym is a great addition to any home and an awesome addition to a hoop. Slides and swings are just another way to keep everyone moving and using their creative side to invent new games every day. A play system really is an awesome compliment to some basketball equipment. When you choose to explore the options given by companies like Play Rainbow, you’ll see that you can build onto your systems, connect them together, and even create an indoor gym space. Why settle for one or the other when you can combine or customize a set that will keep everyone entertained for countless hours?

There are so many benefits to an active engagement with the world around your children and so many ways to spend time together as a family. From new basketball equipment from Play Rainbow to an indoor system complete with slides and swings, you can create something that’s perfect for keeping your family moving. Your family’s health is your top priority, and keeping everyone active is only made easier when you’ve got an awesome space in your very own home to play in.

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