Your First Live Horse Race: 4 Tips To Enhance The Experience

Horseracing is a pulse-pounding sport that can trace its storied history all the way back to Ancient Greece. Today, the traditions and events connected with racing are not as plentiful as they once were, but there are still many people who enjoy watching the races both on television and at the racetrack. If you are fortunate enough to visit a live racetrack and thrill to the experience of viewing a race from the stands, there are a few tips you can keep in mind that might help you make the most of your day.

  1. Research the Track

If you are visiting a racetrack with a group of friends or a family member who enjoys horseracing, you might feel a bit more confident about the trip if you take the time to research the locale first. Understanding a track’s history, the kinds of races it hosts, and what amenities you will find there can help you feel more comfortable about exploring it once you arrive.

As you research the track, remember to check if there are any points of interest on the grounds. Some larger racing sites act as a final resting place for many of the world’s most memorable racehorses; for example, Belmont Park in New York, NY is where the famous filly Ruffian ran her final race in 1975 against that year’s Kentucky Derby winner but tragically broke a foreleg halfway through the race, forcing her owners to have her euthanized that same day. The beloved filly is buried in the track’s infield, where her grave can be seen by anyone who sits in the stands.

  1. Decide Whether You Will Bet Beforehand

Once you arrive at the track, you will probably see people handing out racing booklets or forms and other betting tools, as well as long lines at the betting windows. Deciding whether you will bet on any races before you get to the track can help you avoid getting swept up in the excitement, which is usually palpable before the live racing begins.

Making a responsible decision about betting can be an especially wise choice if you have never visited a track before. While some bets are simple, being ignorant of the rules and what you commit to might result in you betting more than you can afford to lose. As with all types of gambling, being well informed and understanding the odds can help you enjoy this experience without getting in over your head.

  1. Learn the Difference Between Owners and Trainers

Today’s racehorses may be owned by more than one person, a limited liability company, or a corporation. In some cases, the owner is also the trainer of one or more horses. For instance, end zone athletics owns nearly two dozen racehorses, each of which has earned $70,00-$188,000 during their careers and the corporation’s owner, Karl Broberg, has trained several of these animals himself.

Some racehorses are owned by a group of people, each of whom has a certain amount of money invested in the horse. They are usually responsible for finding and paying a trainer, who then may take a share of any winning purses, depending on his or her contract with the owners. Learning the difference between owners and trainers can help you understand the insider world of horseracing and add another facet of excitement to your experience.

  1. Join a Membership Program

If you enjoyed your day at the racetrack and plan to return, consider asking about what types of loyalty rewards you can get if you join a membership club. These programs often include seating and food or drink specials and discounts on certain race days so you can watch up-and-coming champions, such as those owned by end zone athletics inc., run without emptying your wallet.


Watching live horseracing can be a thrilling experience. However, keeping a few simple tips in mind for your first visit may help you get the most out of the experience without betting or spending beyond your means.

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