How To Bet Best On Tennis

There are a number of different aspects to tennis betting, which make it a great sport on which to place bets.  Firstly, tennis is a one on one sport, with very little outside interference.  Take football for example, there are 22 players on the pitch, all of whom can have an impact on the result, there is also the referee, the weather and the condition of the surface.  When betting on tennis, there are just two players, the umpire cannot change the result with a bad decision, the weather does not have such a big influence and the surface is consistent.  This makes tennis the perfect sport for betting.

To have the best chance of making a winning tennis bet, use all of the information available, to make an informed decision.  There is a wealth of statistics on the internet, from head-to-head results, previous results at a particular tournament, past results on a particular surface, current form and much more.  To enhance your chances of making a successful tennis bet, always check this information first, it only takes a matter of minutes.

Checking the form of individual players, especially young and upcoming players, can pay huge dividends.  Even the very best players, such as Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams, will begin to decline and will eventually be beaten by emerging talent.  There is great value to be had, when spotting a rising star, who comes up against a declining great.

The next thing to check, are the odds for the bet your will be placing.  Are they good enough?  Do they present enough value?  Just because you strongly believe a player will win an event or a match, it does not automatically make it a good bet.  In the first round of Wimbledon for example, Andy Murray will be clear favourite to win his match but the odds will be so small, it is not worth it.

Prior to placing a bet, always look at the fitness of the players involved.  Have they been struggling with injury lately?  If a strong favourite for a match, has been having trouble with their fitness, this could be a good time to back an outsider, at big odds, to cause an upset.

Finally, and perhaps the best tip to ensure successful tennis betting, is to always check the rules of the bookmaker you are using.  You could complete the most thorough research prior to placing a bet, only for your player to retire in the first set, losing you the bet.  Bookmakers have different rules when it comes to player retirement, injury and match suspension, so always check these before placing a bet.  If the player you are backing is injury prone, it could save you a lot of money.

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