How To Buy Your First Pair Of Figure Skates

When it comes to figure skates, the choice is virtually endless. Choosing the right boot and skate will have a direct effect on your comfort and performance. This is why it’s essential that you take the time to do your homework and know which pair of skates is better for your needs. Here are a few tips for newcomers trying to buy a good pair of figure ice skates.

Only Buy from Specialized Retailers

If you’re going to buy a pair of figure skates, don’t go with general sporting goods stores. You’re better off going with retailers that are specialized in figure skates. These will often have a better understanding of how figure skates work and might be able to make better recommendations.

Also, do not get seduced by cheap skates you’ll find at your local retailer. When it comes to figure skating, quality is not an option and you always get what you pay for. So, don’t cut corners and don’t be afraid to spend a few more hundred bucks on a good boot and skates.

Understand your Needs

As a beginner, you have to know which type of skates you need. While you shouldn’t pick a cheap option, you don’t have to automatically invest in a pair of top of the line professional skates. If you’re just starting out, then you could invest in a pair of entry level skates. Recently, many entry-level skates have been produced with very supple and comfortable boots. Beginner ice skaters can also find leather and vinyl boots as well. While a softer boot may not be suitable for advanced skaters, they might be perfect for the occasional skaters or beginners who want to try their hands at the sport.

Choosing Boot-Blade Skates

If you’re a beginner or intermediate skater, then there are plenty of boot-blade packages available as well. If you do decide to go that route, make sure that the boot is stiff enough to give your ankles and feet support, but not rigid enough for them to be inflexible. They have to still be soft enough to be broken in.

You could also decide to pick your boot and skates separately. The choice is really up to you. But if you’re an advanced skater, you’ll have to buy them separately since customization is much more important at that level.

Understand the Difference Between Brands

A lot of people don’t understand how much of an impact the brand of skates you choose will have on the fit and performance. Different companies cater to different audiences and all brands have their own specificities, especially when it comes to the fit. For instance, Riedell ice skates are the first brand to offer wide width boots for beginners and young skaters. Make sure you’re familiarized with top brands and choose which one works for you.


Sorting out between all the different types and brands out there can be difficult at first when choosing the right skates. But with these few tips, you should be able to find the best pair for you in no time.

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