4 Fun Things To Do On Roller Skates

After you’ve strapped on a pair of Riedell Roller Skates, perhaps for the first time, you want to have fun with your new purchase. What should you do?

Here are four suggestions for things you can do while on roller skates.

Roller Tag

The idea is similar to a game of “tag, you’re it!” where kids run around with the person who is “it” trying to tap another kid on the arm or shoulder to make them “it.” Sometimes the game is played in rounds over a set period with the person who’s still tagged when the time is up losing the game. It can be played to music and when the music is over, the person who’s tagged has lost.

The game of roller tag can get a bit frenetic at times! It’s best to play the game in a more open environment where it’s less likely that players will trip up or fall over furniture. It’s great fun and is a wicked way to get a ton of exercise quickly, without really noticing you’re doing so.

How Low Can You Go?

The challenge with the limbo dance game was to see how low you could bend backward to get under an increasingly lower wire. With each round, the wire would get lowered more making it harder and harder to pass through without falling backward or touching the wire.

The game is even more challenging when you’re on roller skates because you must practice the art of trying to stay in one position while you’re bending backward, possibly losing your balance and trying to edge forwards on your skates occasionally too. It makes the game of limbo so much harder and takes it to a whole other level.

Hockey Derby

The roller hockey derby is like ice hockey, except you’re playing hockey with a hockey stick while on skates. It’s certainly tougher than playing hockey on foot, but for the skilled roller skaters, it might be easier than ice skating. It all depends on what your skillset is like. The hardest thing will be screeching to a stop and using the stick to get control of the puck and remaining steady while taking a swing at goal. This is a game for the more experienced roller-skater, but beginners will certainly get a chance to learn quickly if they try to keep up.

Musical Chairs with Roller Skates

In contrast to Hockey Derby, the old game of musical chairs is one that the under 10s can happily play. Adding roller skates into the equation makes it that bit harder to grab your seat when the music stops. Just make sure everyone participating is wearing roller skates, otherwise, their poor feet will get well and truly trampled in the rush. Be sure to mix things up with a larger group by removing more than one chair at a time to surprise players who were anticipating only one chair being removed each round.

Other than going to a roller skate park, there are many fun things to do on a pair of roller skates when playing with a group of friends. Some activities suit younger skaters and other ones a bit older, but everyone can enjoy time playing on their skates.

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