How To Choose A Kayak Or A Canoe?

Kayaking is one of the most amazing recreational activity. Whether you want a tranquilizing paddling trip in peace and solitude so that you enjoy the calmness of nature or you want to experience adrenaline rush canoeing down the white waters, whether you are looking for mental peace or some muscular activity, kayaking offers you all. There was a time when kayaks were a thing of rowing enthusiasts and Olympians. However, in the recent past, with increasing tourism across the globe and evolution in water sports and recreational activities, recreational kayaking has attracted a lot of attention. More people are now willing to try their hand at paddling. Most new paddlers start off by renting out kayaks from yacht clubs and stick to small lakes. However, if you are planning to invest in your kayak for a more extended and more personalized kayaking experience, it is important to spend in the right kayak.  

It is essential to understand that not all kayaks are designed in the same manner. Although the basic design structure remains similar, they vary extensively in technical specifications such as the material used, weight, size, capacity, and stability. Therefore, it is essential to choose a kayak that fits your personal preferences so that a smooth kayaking experience can be ensured. You can find almost all kinds of kayaks and canoes at Bay Sports in Australia, but before you head out to make your purchase, this quick guide will help you find the right kayak.

Cockpit Size and Style

Generally, there are two types of cockpits; sit-on-top and sit-inside. Sit-on-tops are great for people who do not like to be confined to the dug-outs. They are excellent for people who love to paddle in warmer waters and do not mind getting wet. However, they are not recommended if your kids or pets will be accompanying you on the kayak. Sit-Inside kayaks offer greater confinement and are safer for kids and pets. They are also better for paddlers in colder waters since they provide greater safety from getting wet. If you are planning to take kids or dogs in kayaks, it is recommended that you go for sit-inside cockpits that are more spacious and allow comfortable sitting.

Length of Kayak

The length and width of a kayak are inversely proportional and have a direct effect on the speed and stability of the kayak. Kayaks with longer lengths are narrower, and they move faster. On the contrary, shorter kayaks are wider and at the same time slower regarding speed. However, broader and shorter kayaks offer much more safety and stability as compared to long and narrow ones. Therefore, people who are planning to go kayaking kids and pets are recommended to go for short and broader kayaks.

Material of Kayaks

The material which is used in the manufacturing of a kayak affects its price, maintenance, weight limitations, rigidity, and stability. Typical materials include fiberglass, aluminum, wood, and plastic. Fiberglass is generally a more low-cost material, and these kayaks are great for recreational kayaking in calmer waters. If you are looking for a kayak with a lot of rigidity and stability for adventure sports, then aluminum kayaks are your best bet. Inflatable kayaks are a new addition, and they are great for those who wish to take kids or pets on a kayak or have storage limitations.  

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