MMBF Trust Move Into Sports With Under 18s Football Team

Ever since its inception in 2013, the MMBF Trust has been making waves and have done exemplary work in encouraging and bringing for the raw talent of aspiring youth of UK in the fields of creative arts. Inspired by the success, Matthew C. Martino, the initiator of the Trust has launched yet another trust under the Trust which is called the Mathew Martino Innovator’s Fund in February 2016. The Trust was kick started on Valentine’s Day and had expended it work areas to cover all possible niches of creative arts.

Recently, the Trust has decided to move and expand its support to other fields apart from creative fields. Thus it has moved into the sports arena and has decided to sponsor the MMBF Walton FC football team that is being coached by the esteemed Kevin Hale.

Under the previous management team, this team, which was created in 2013 had gone to ashes but a new life has been infused in them under the umbrella of the Trust. They would soon be competing in the Liverpool County Premiere Under 18’s League and are aggressively preparing for the same.

The raw talent, exuberance and the ambition vibrating amongst the young lads of the team is bound to set new landmarks.

Coach Hale told us ‘It’s a great pleasure to be involved with MMBF. We hope that our relationship is one that will be longstanding and is helping to raise awareness the work of MMBF as well as support the charity.’

MMBF Walton FC has been praised as the first step for MMBF Trust expanding into the sports sector where they hope to support football, rugby, tennis, swimming and boxing under new plans being drawn up by charity chiefs.

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