Sports Technology Trends To Watch Out For In 2016

With 2016 in its ful swing, the freshly minted memberships of gym which have lasted till February start showing signs of wear and tear, the fitness freaks are all eager to discover the advancements which the health and sport industry promise to give us this year. It is seen that usually fans are perhaps the best customer which a business can have. They are extremely passionate about the sports teams that they follow and are willing to spend money on them even when they’re not being able to live up to their expectations. The year 2015 has already seen big strides in sports technology and 2016 will see even more in advances. If you want to know the sports and technology trends of 2016, here are some that you may follow.

  • Our hometown team will go global: The global sports brand concept is not at all new. Manchester United, the English socer club has got a noteworthy international appeal and many even estimate that the fanbase is close to 700 million, spanning North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. There’s a global appeal which is being restricted to sporting powerhousrs but this is becoming too achievable for modest organizations. As per a report by Stanford University, the NBA side has an Indo-American owner and they’re making an attempt to raise its profile in India, thereby making their website available in Hindi.
  • Fan engagement gets even deeper: With the help of technology, they have brought fan closer to sport, but there are still opportunities which remain. Video and social media will play a vital role in this, with many organizations like NBA, MLB and NASCAR, in partnership with YouTube. This even gives the fans a line of communication with the athletes which they love to get connected with. This makes the players more accountable for their actions with their fans.
  • Wearable gadgets are still on the rise: Recent reports even show that wearable gadget industry is going to be more popular in 2016. As per identifications by the American College of Sports Medicine, it has been concluded that wearable technology will be the top fitness trends of 2016. There are many users who have been exchanging their fitness trackers with an Apple Watch. There are some other products like tech-embedded clothing, smart jewelry and glasses which help the industry to earn $30 billion in 2016. Neaaaarly 140 million devices are expected to be shipped in 2016.
  • Increase in sports startups: There will be a large number of sports startups which will enter the market, thereby using digital media specifically. You will find too many sports startups sprouting here and there and people will get more and more attached with sports.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about sports and technology trends that is going to take place in the sports industry, you may consider the above mentioned sports and technology trends. Don’t mix up the sports trends with those that you hear as rumours as that may force you to believe in all sorts of wrong information.

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