The Benefits Of Playing Team Sports

We can all agree that keeping active is an important part of living healthy and productive lives. What can be beneficial, especially for children, is playing a team based sport. The skills required to excel at any team based sport are different from those we would rely on when engaging in any sport activity that only involves ourselves.

To improve upon these skills and gain maximum benefit, it’s important that we get our children involved with team sports as early as possible. If you’re wondering which sport would be best for your child or what the additional benefits are, keep reading and we’ll tell you.

A Sense of Belonging

Children need to feel involved. During their formative years, active participation in any activity involving other children is important. The reasons for this are simple; socialising with other people helps us to find out who we are and can go a long way to improving self confidence.

Team based sports are great for this as they force positive communication and teach the skill of teamwork, all of which are vital for success as adults. The skills learnt when playing any team based sport will also dramatically improve a child’s academic development as they learn to overcome obstacles and handle stress.

Which Sport Would be Best?

That would depend on the child. Chances are they already have a preference so gently steer them in that direction. If they don’t, ask them and find out what they would enjoy playing the most. You will often find that there is one particular sport that they enjoyed above all others during physical education at school.


Soccer is a favourite amongst boys and girls and is also a sport that many adults are themselves involved with, helping both children and adults find common ground.

Of all the team sports a child could play, we find that soccer is the most productive. It’s fun, is a great form of exercise and it also teaches discipline, teamwork and patience. There are several academies offering soccer training in Melbourne so we suggest that you contact a few for further advice and to get your child enrolled. Many academies will also offer facilities to hold birthday parties as an added treat.


Rugby is a great game and is very rewarding. It’s difficult and can be frustrating but it is up there with soccer for assisting in child development. If you’ve ever watched or played a game of rugby you will know what it can be pretty gruelling at the best of times. This shouldn’t put you or your child off as character building is the name of the game here.

The more difficult the sport the better as your children are likely to get even fitter and come away with some great skills that will set them up for life.

Desired Characteristics

The choice is up to you but there are several points you should keep in mind when picking a sport for your child to play;

  • It has to be fun. Your child simply won’t be interested if it isn’t.
  • Your child has to enjoy it. Forcing your child to play a sport they don’t enjoy won’t end well.
  • There has to be visible progression. Playing sports is all about getting better at them. These achievements should be rewarded with more opportunities to play in important tournaments and against tougher opponents.

Both soccer and rugby fit the bill but then so do many others. Netball, hockey and cricket shouldn’t be overlooked as they are still very popular.

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