The Best Field Hockey Shoes Of 2017

Many field hockey players struggle with finding the correct footwear and are left with blisters or sore feet. Shoes can also impact your performance, and choosing the right pair can really make a difference to the game you play. We’ve rounded up a selection of the best field hockey shoes and hope that they will help you make the right decision when it comes to buying your next pair of hockey shoes.

MP6 Asics for Turf

Asics are a trusted brand in sports footwear and the Gel-Lethal MP6 are tops for women who play field hockey. Not only durable and offering great protection, they are also made with the strongest materials that are designed to stand up to all field hockey conditions. The midsole has been designed using the mi-foot Trussic System that provides added support and comfort, and the dual action mesh and synthetic leather adds extra support. This shoe ticks all the right boxes and the rubber soles will last for a long time too.

Asics Turf Neo-Gel

Another great option for women, the Asics Gel Neo 3 come highly recommended. These shoes are well cushioned and are designed for play on turf or indoor surfaces. They have a semi cleat element and the lace up upper allows for extra support. Add to this the PGuard toe protection, reduced shock and the Gel in the heel and it’s easy to see why so many players opt for this hockey shoe.

Adidas Adistar S3

Adidas is another brand that has always delivered when it comes to sports shoes, and the Adistar S3 is among the best of the men’s branded footwear options for hockey players. The new and enhanced take on the S2, this shoe is even more lightweight and breathable than before. The mesh grid at the front of the foot reduces weight and allows for extra breathability, while the trademark adiPrene cushion system ensures maximum comfort. The super grippy soles are also great for field hockey, especially if playing outdoors in the rain, as they allow for ultimate control, no matter what conditions you play in.

Adidas Junior Cleats

For kids, the Adidas Junior Cleats from the Messi range are tops. These shoes allow for players to make proper cuts and balances and are lightweight and durable. The uppers are made from synthetic leather that breathes and the outsole is made of strong rubber. This improves grip and dodging, and is ideal for fast players looking to capitalise on their speedy skills. Don’t be put off by the graphic of Messi on the shoe, it may make it look more commercial, but it’s simply an homage to the player and the range that is named after him. This is a solid smaller hockey shoe that packs a big punch.

Having the right hockey shoes can change the way you play and ensure that your performance is at its best. Fit, comfort, durability and support are all important elements of a field hockey shoe, and these top picks offer all of this and more.

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