A Quick Guide To Custom Printed Kit For Sports Clubs

Choosing to invest in custom printed kit for your sports club is a big decision to make, but it can prove to work wonders in terms of the club’s morale and even performance when competing.

With all the benefits that come along with custom printed sports kit, it’s surprising just how many clubs seem to disregard this option, so treating your team to some printed gear could really set them apart from the competition.

Why choose to have custom kit? 

It will boost morale

Custom printed kit allows every club member to wear the same colours and logos, so you haven’t got people turning up in a hodge-podge of old replica shirts. This can massively boost club morale, especially during the hairy times when you’re training hard but on a long losing streak. For more ideas on how to boost your team’s morale, check out this post.

Team members will be easily recognisable

Another huge benefit of sports clubs wearing custom printed kit is that club members will know what clothing to look for when they’re trying to find other members. So, whether you’re on a bike, in the water, or on the court, with custom printed sports kit you’ll be able to spot the other members of your team with ease.

How to choose your custom kit 

Be aware of your branding

If your club has a specific name, logo, colour, or mascot, try to incorporate that into your custom designs.

We spoke to Stitch Embroidery who said: “The use of custom clothing is an ideal way to promote your branding and sports clubs can really take advantage of that.

“Custom prints can let your competitors and supporters know what your club’s message is and really make the club members feel like they’re part of a strong team.” 

Branding is massively important whether you’re a global company or an amateur sports team and, if you’re not sure why this matters, read through this article for a clearer idea. 

Ask the rest of the club for their input

Because the new kit is going to be worn across the team, it’s good practice to ask the all of the team members for their opinions on their new gear.

As they will be the ones having to wear the new kit, if there’s anything you have in mind which they wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing, let them have a chance to let you know and give you alternative ideas. 

Go for quality over price

Sports clubs are notorious for getting dirty and if your sport involves a lot of rough and tumble, it’s going to be best to invest in some high-quality kit even if it is the more expensive option.

Kit of a lower quality, albeit probably cheaper, is more likely to have to be replaced when it gets damaged which could work out to be more expensive in the long run.

Hopefully, this quick guide has given you some pointers on why and how you should go about investing in some custom printed kit for your sports team – it really will do your club the world of good.

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