The Importance Of Tennis Court Resurfacing

You’ve got great use of your tennis court and your friends and family enjoy spending time there. However, the more you play tennis and the longer the tennis court is installed, the more you’ll see the need for resurfacing from time to time.  There are also a number of reasons why a tennis court may need to be resurfaced. Tennis court resurfacing is an important part of keeping your court in the best condition possible, so here are a few things you should know before you start the process.

Most tennis courts are made from asphalt, but this can pose a problem in some areas. The material is very unyielding, which means it could crack or become brittle if there are extreme changes in the weather or temperature in your area. This can make it difficult to use the court on a regular basis, and can make resurfacing an expensive hassle.

Using tile for tennis court resurfacing could be a suitable choice, since professionals can fit each piece into place with precision, and there are even some installation kits you can use yourself to make resurfacing easier. The tiles fit securely and could be more comfortable to play on for hours, since they are not as hard on the joints. Tiles also offer consistent ball bounce for continuous play and could keep you from losing the ball during games.

Rubber granules and acrylic are also popular tennis court materials that you may want to consider. These materials can reduce the shock that you feel in your joints when you’re running across the court. This is ideal no matter your tennis skill level, and when it’s more comfortable for you to play the game, you’ll be more likely to visit the court often and perfect your skills.

If you’re concerned about the environment and want to resurface the tennis court with materials that are recycled, this can be an option as well. Talk with the professionals who are resurfacing your court and inquire about “green” options that will improve the look of your court and are in keeping with your commitment to preserving the environment. If you didn’t check on this before getting the original court installed, ask a professional to check the soil underneath the court through the cracks or openings in the tennis court. This will let you know if the soil has been sterilized, since the breaks in the court could be due to plants trying to grow there and pushing through the surface of the tennis court. If there are enough openings in the court for the soil to be sterilized, be sure to have this service performed before adding a new surface.

Be sure that any materials you use for resurfacing your tennis court are approved by the International Tennis Federation’s rating system, since this will indicate whether the surface is safe and durable. This will ensure that you’re playing on the same surface as professional players and could give you the inspiration you need to use tennis for the purpose of improving your health and spending more time with family and friends.

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