Tips To Prepare For Your First Mountain Biking Excursion

Anything you do for the first time in life bears a certain amount of craze into it. Your first mountain biking excursion is no different. Rather, it is full of anxieties in terms of taking stuff along during the course of the journey and staying safe in the unknown areas.

Key areas of the preparation for the first mountain biking excursion:

  • Start early: You must start early when you are planning to take your first mountain biking excursion. You will then have ample opportunities to think over the excursion right from the beginning till the end and thus, can organise stuff accordingly. However, the finish line discounts may come to your rescue in more than one ways here. You will realise this during the course of the discussion here.
  • Make a list: Making a list of items to be carried during the excursion is construed as the basic step here. This list, in particular, will help you organise stuff in order of their importance and befitting your exact need for the excursion.

However, the list should include the basic health care items such as the toothbrush and paste, medicine for the headache, fever, or the pains, tent, small knife for cutting fruits and a chopper for cutting the twigs for camping, lighter, torch light, insect repellents such as the mosquito and ants repellent, nail cutter, some straps etc. You must think on clear terms what all you would require during the excursion to choose the items here. But, don’t overdo anything that becomes a burden for you in the excursion.

  • Check the bike: Since it is a bike excursion, your bike must in top running condition. Else, you will often be subjected to the humiliation in the unknown terrains. You should get your bike thoroughly repaired and serviced at the workshop. Change the gear oil or get the clutch and the brake shoes changed if need so arises before you set out for the excursion.
  • Tough days ahead: Remind yourself that the tough days are ahead. This, in turn, will give you the inner strength and wisdom to fight the odds out in your favour. It is something like prevention is better than cure that works wonder here.
  • Dealing with hunger: Be mentally prepared that you will have to deal with the hunger during the bike excursion. Because of the unknown and the difficult terrain, you will not have access to the food joints at regular intervals. When you know this beforehand, you will be better off handling the hunger.
  • Choosing the companions: Always set out in a group and don’t venture all alone. This way you will be able to minimise your risk in transit. Besides, this when you are in the company of the good people, you can enjoy the excursion to the full.
  • Food supplements: Carry some protein supplements that will effectively help you deal with the hunger and the exhaustion.

Always buy the quality products using finish line discounts for the excursion. You will then be able to save some money and the unknown traumas of the excursion.

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