What Is Natural Running And How Is It Effective?

Natural running is quite a new phenomenon that more athletes are taking to as an effective way of training. It simply means going back to nature by using running shoes that give a barefoot running effect. There is a lot of evidence that suggests this style of training is more effective than with conventional trainers.  If you are wondering what the term “natural running” really means, and how you can get into it, then the experts from Kit Box are here to explain all. 

What Is Natural Running?


The process of natural running describes the position that a runner takes whilst performing. Natural running is where the forefoot is striking gait, the body’s centre of gravity is forward and your cadence is faster than if you were heel striking. If you run barefoot, your body and legs will naturally adopt this style of running.

Why is Natural Running Effective?

More and more evidence is suggesting that natural running reduces the risk of injury. It is also said to promote a quicker and highly efficient type of running style. To begin natural running you need to assess the type of footwear that you run in. Shoes can significantly influence the style of running that you will naturally adopt. Therefore, the quickest and easiest way to change your running style is to change your running shoes. You will want to eventually train yourself to run in shoes with little padding and support. 

What type of shoes should you use for natural running?

Minimalist running shoes are perfect for natural running as they have less cushioning, no support and are always  in a neutral position. This allows your feet to function as though they were barefoot. However, you should not suddenly change from padded, supportive running shoes to minimalist running shoes. If you want to develop a more natural running style then this will require a gradual transition between increasingly natural shoes.


Inov8 shoes are the number one designers of natural running shoes. They provide a program with all Inov8 shoes called “The Transition Journey.” The Inov8 line gradually reduce the difference in height between your heel and forefoot (known as differential) whilst also reducing the amount of cushioning under your feet. Getting you slowly used to training with a smaller amount of cushioning between the ground and your foot. We suggest that if you are aiming to permanently change your running style it will take at least 12 months. However, it is possible to start natural running immediately by using minimalist shoes for short periods of time.

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