Game Etiquette For The Casual Fans

Being a fan bares a lot of responsibilities. There is a huge difference between being a blazing fan and being a hooligan, and these two are constantly being mixed. People just don’t realize that the line between these two titles is very thin, and they cross to the “dark side” very often, by simply not following the rules, and there are many to be followed and respected during a game and outside the ball park. After all, one should know that fans are not there to support themselves, but their team.

The NFL stated that all those who got ejected from the stadium for their behavior will not be allowed to attend future games until they undergo the 4-hour course on good and proper behavior. This is brilliant, but I think that it takes less (or, in some cases, unfortunately, a lot more) time to learn the behavior-patterns during a game.

If you are late, you’re OUT

Not only did you miss the beginning of the game and failed your team already, but your seats are 100% taken. Let`s face it, you’re most likely going to stand or find another place to sit, for its pointless to argue with the person who got there before you; you might have a good reason for being late, but you will interrupt the game for other people who got there on time. Be a true fan, and don’t be late.

Respect the anthem

During the anthem, be quiet! A true fan will stand up, keep his hand on his heart and sing along very unnoticeably. Some others will do the Yee-ha-s, Yeeeaaah-s, and Woo-hoo-s. Don’t be a one of those guys.

Sit down

Don’t be a one-man standing ovation. Yes, you are overwhelmed by your team winning the game, the sensation is in the air, but learn to sit down. You are ruining the game for people behind you, and they too love the team, cheer it, and maybe want to see the game instead of watching you and your attention-grabbing dance. DON’T be one of those guys, or there might be some fingers pointed at you, cans thrown, etc.


Now what is it about a good heckle these days? Did all the fans turn to being hooligans? Yes, you need to heckle at least once, but does it always have to be a negative comment? Cheer your players, don’t curse instead. His mother is not to blame for his current failure.

Get your tickets on time

This is especially important for big cities. Los Angeles, for example, is one of the cities where sport is given that luxurious treatment. Sport tickets are golden, and are worth a lot; many retailers tend to earn hundreds of dollars just by reselling the tickets at a higher price. Be smart, get your LA sports tickets on time, and by doing so, relieve yourself of the bad experience you might have with the retailers and by doing so, keep your wallet a bit fatter.

Remember to always keep the good spirits up, and try to be a true fan. Follow the rules, and enjoy the game to its fullest. There is nothing wrong in being normal, trust me.

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