Why Footy Tipping Is Such Big Business In Australia

Footy betting is believed to be the most popular weekend sport for millions of want-a-be coaches all around the world. It is very popular in the United Kingdom but really popular in Australia where some people place weekly bets of over a million pounds. During a World Cup year or during peak season, the amount of cash spent on footy tipping is almost shocking, yet bookmakers believe that there is room for growth in this industry.


Actually in spite of the downturn in the economy, bookmakers have enjoyed strong years. Some even claim that the industry of gaming is somewhat immune to problems with the economy. But no one really knows how recession proof this type of gaming is.

Middle-class punters

But analysts are a little doubtful, since they point out that most middle-class punters are facing rising costs from every side. This limits them being able to have a go with footy betting for fun as the tax man or electric company are all waiting to be paid. This is when the gaming industry will point out that they don’t sell gambling….they are selling hope, something that seems to be in everyone’s budget.

Million Dollar tipping

Then there is the million dollar tipping that everyone is working towards. And that is a lot of hope. When it comes to enjoying an online punt there is no one who loves it quite like the Aussies and the stats do not lie. But that is not important right now since there is a million dollars on the line.

Millionaire club

Who doesn’t want to have a chance at a entering the millionaire club! You might be making a great salary at your corporate organization but it is entirely another matter to amass a million dollars in one single stroke. And you get all of this without investing a single penny! You simply need to organize a footy tipping competition at work and the hosts do the rest. Who in the world would not want to be in the middle of a million dollar tipping chance?


Sportingbet is the million dollar club opportunity best tipping host offering a million dollars for just winning the competition. They are great proprietor and offers the very best price for chance of winning over a million dollars.

Best online offer

Sportingbet is best known for its free online bet offers. They are owned by the Sportingbet group and are part of Sportingbet Plc currently on the London exchange. They first began as a company on:

  • Alderney
  • Channel Islands
  • UK

But now they are one of the leading multi-national, multi-lingual bookmakers in the world.

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