Reasons Why Soccer Is The Most Played Sport In The World

Soccer unites a nation almost more than any other sport. Soccer teams (or football teams, as Europeans call them) represent their countries and when they approach the field, the whole nation is already on its feet—waiting for the first goal. And then the second, and the third. The game brings a sense of unity not only among people of the same nation, but of the whole world. Every team has its own distinguishable characteristic, Brazilians dancing with the ball, Germans implementing their tactics in a disciplined manner, and Italians playing dirty and tough.

1. The Buildup

Soccer is such that scoring does not happen often. But when it does, the buildup before the scoring is so high in adrenaline that people lose their minds. The explosion is loud, raging and is an amazing feeling, especially feeling it live while being a part of the audience. The soccer training is done in such a way, that the self-control during the audience raging and the adrenaline building up inside of a player is muted. The only things which exist for the player are the ball and the net. In ninety minutes of a game, scoring happens two times approximately. Now you can imagine the level of spirit and yearning when the goal finally happens.

2. The Teamwork

Not everyone is a team player, which is truth we all know. It can make the finishing of some group projects feel like going through hell itself. On the other hand, when you play soccer you can achieve a level of team player who just lives for group projects. Soccer teams play a lot more as a team than any other team sport. Soccer training makes every player has skills of their own, but they wouldn’t function without each other. Viewing a game from a higher perspective might give you a full idea on how it works. For ninety minutes, the whole team is working like one, as if they have one mind connecting them all

3. Ties

Ties might be only for people like bankers or lawyers, and not for sport players. To be honest, you don’t only play to have fun, you also play to win. But why do people train for ties? Not to let them happen, ever. The drilling which players go through lures, even more people in, because of the competitive nature of the ties.

4. You Were Raised Watching It

Many people have been raised watching soccer games. If your parents were by the TV (or radio) when the game was on, there is a great possibility of you being a huge fan of this sport as well Because of this, a lot of people already know the basic rules, are emotionally connected to this sport, and thus decide to start soccer training.

5. The World Cup

The World Cup is one of those period of the year when the whole World is going crazy over soccer games more than ever. Even those who would never leave the channel where the game is on, are now being interested in results of their team and other countries’ team. This is a period which happens every four years and it brings together the whole nation, and then the whole World. People are friendlier to each other, and that positive spirit of mutual understanding is pumping everyone’s bodies from the first to the last day.

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