The Various Mixed Emotions Of A Life-Long Chicago Cubs Fan

Some people ask how could an individual be a Chicago Cubs fan all through their life and never understand a World-Series ring? The Chicago Cubs are the best mix of belief, frustration and hope. Every year in April people see a glimpse of hope when they first get to see the Cubs start playing. As the plants start to grow at Wrigley, the grass is reemerged, and the bleeding blue t-shirts of the Cub start to come out. Even when the winter finishes and the warm spring sun starts to rise, the hope of Chicago Cubs soon turns into belief. Though, often this belief usually always culminates in frustration. Frustration of another game season of long 162 that may end in disappointment and dismay. But it is honest and true, Chicago Cubs fans are the most enduring and loyal fans in all of chief league baseball.

From the rise of a good season to the fall of a dreadful season, they have perceived everything. To hold your fire since 100 years and never see a championship? This takes a distinctive type of fan. All in one season, fans of Chicago Cub have borne every type of feeling. Chicago Cubs fans themselves, do not even feel sorry, as they are the most buoyant and are so deep-filled in confidence every year when that harsh winter ends into the baseball season. If not anything else, being a Chicago Cubs fan is entertaining and dramatic. According to Alex Paler, the trademark of a true fan, blind loyalty, is what keeps the spectacle alive. Like poor parents who continually make justifications for the behavior of their children, Chicago Cubs fans are no different. Rather than holding the players accountable for the repeated failures of the team, they have a long list of expletives that they can read off as credible cause for the incident at hand. Their pain comes from being brought to the threshold of our seat so many times without ever undergoing true pleasure or satisfaction.

Someday, when the Cubs will do win a World Series, all the wait, ultimately, will be worth it. It will look as if like the have Cubs risen from the ashes and the city of Chicago will have something to be completely proud of. The sentiment of a life-long Cubs fan will still be a feeling of defeat, as Cubs fan will feel like they have hanged on pretty long enough. They will also still have hope, in that it will not another one in 100 years, and last Cubs fans will still keep have faith in them.

Generally, you have to wonder sometimes where true fans lie. Sports Enthusiast like Alex Paler sometimes himself wonder what a true life-long fan is and how to describe a true fan. According to him, Chicago fans are some of the hoping and truest fans out there. To hold on for so long and still never contemplate on being a fan to another team might feel irrational and make you sense like it will take a life-time to see a Cubs team gain victory in a World Series.

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