Tip And Tricks That You Need To Know Before You Go For Summer Cycling

The sun has come out and the air is just perfect for a nice ride. Summer is here! What better way to spend a summer weekend than to go for a relaxing cycle ride. It time to take out your cycle from the garage and give your muscles a chance to stretch. But before you hop on the cycle and ride off into the sunset, you must keep in mind certain summer cycling tips. Following these little tips and tricks is bound to make your cycling journey all the more enjoyable and comfortable. So without further ado, here are some summer cycling tips that you should know.

Tip 1: Remember that a cool drink is your best friend

One of the major ways to beat the hot summer sun is by staying hydrated. The sweating due to vigorous cycling and the heat waves will combine and drain all the energy from your body. This we make you feel tired and create more stress while pushing the pedals.  So when you go for cycling do not forget to pack an energy drink or water. Stop your ride once in a while, relax and take a sip to rehydrate and restore your bodily fluids.

Tip 2: Wear breathable clothes

This goes without saying. Prefer light weight clothes that do not restrict your cycling movements. Make sure that you are 100% comfortable during riding with those clothes. The clothes should allow enough air supply so that your skin feels fresh. Wear thin socks and comfortable shoes.

Tip 3: Use protection lotions

The heat may get intense during summer, especially during mid noon. But do not let the heat hamper your cycling. Come well prepared. Do not hesitate to cover your exposed skin with proper sun protection methods like sunscreens. Cycling will lead to a lot of sweat. So it might be wise to use a waterproof lotion.

Depending on the area in which you plan to go cycling, you might also want to pack an insect repellent. If it is a muddy or green terrain, then this is a must. Summer increases the risks of contamination due to airborne insect diseases. So do not take risks.

Tip 4: Protect your eyes and head

The bright light from the summer sun can sometimes be blinding. This will create more strain on your eyes when you try to focus on the road ahead. So always have a pair on sunglasses with dark lenses to shield your eyes from the strong UV rays. Apart from the eyes, your head is also a sensitive region. Protect it with a vented riding helmet. If you are super-sensitive to the sun, then use an additional piece of garment between the helmet and the scalp.

Tip 5: Prepare beforehand

Schedule your trip and make all necessary arrangements beforehand. Do wait for the last minute. Skip the hottest part of the day and ride during early morning or evening. Plan you route before you take out your bike.

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