Three Popular Sport Bicycle Designs With Safety In Mind

As a near-perfect vehicle, the bicycle was designed for speed, agility, and flexibility. However, several new designs have come up to brilliantly mess with the traditional design. These changes are often focused on increasing desirability, comfort, speed, and safety for commuters.

Throughout its lifetime, the sports bike formula hasn’t changed all that much – pedals, a frame, a seat, and a pair of wheels. Whereas it isn’t always necessary to bring change to such a formula, several innovative designers have started working towards making the bicycle safer for cyclists.

Consider the following innovative and popular sports bike designs that all have safety in mind:

  1. AutoVelo

Created by Erik Stoddard, the founder of SpeedStudio Design, the AutoVelo is a hybrid electric recumbent sport bike. The design is not only modern; it is also perfected to insure the safety of the cyclist.

The AutoVelo is so futuristic that it won the 2010 Excellence Award at the International Bicycle Design Competition. It comes with a design that is upright as opposed to traditional bikes, thereby mimicking the seated position in a motor car.

Further, unlike other recumbent bikes that sit lower close to the ground, the AutoVelo is modeled off the seating position in a small SUV. This means that the cyclist will be a bit higher off the ground.

This peculiar design ensures that cyclists can see and be seen in traffic. As such, the bike is perfect for those who like cycling but still need a ride that is easy to use in a crowded environment.

The pedals have also been tweaked such that the front wheel, rather than the rear one, is powered. However, it also comes with a motor that will turn the back tire. Similarly, the wheel base has been shortened to increase the maneuverability of the AutoVelo. This makes it easier and safer to direct especially through city traffic.  If you did have an accident while riding one of these in the Chicago area, you could contact Abels & Annes, P.C. for professional consultation to consider your rights in an injury.

  1. The Furious Sports Bike

Created by Nenad Kostadinov, the Furious Sports Bike is a new experience with the traditional bicycle frame. It has effectively removed the top stay and the down tube, leading to a safer bike.

Unlike with other sports bike designs out there, this one provides the stiffness and support required for a stable, safe, efficient, and comfortable ride. However, it isn’t just the change in the frame structure that makes this sports bike special.

It also has an on-board computer that will display information about the ride you are on. This information includes calorie consumption, location, and speed – all of which are useful if the rider is to remain safe while on the road.

  1. Peugeot B1k Bicycle

Peugeot has long established a name for itself in the production of fine automobiles and progressively-designed sports bikes. One of their more innovative ideas is the Peugeot B1k bicycle.

The greatest and the latest in Peugeot’s time-tested tradition, this is a serious speedster with tons of next-gen performance concepts. For starters, the seat is higher than the joystick-style handlebars.

Further, it comes with a sold pedal-and-crank which turns the chain-free rear wheel, as well as carbonized construction. Due to these designs, the bike weight a little more than the standard sports bike. It is also safer than most of the bicycles out there in the marketplace.


There are many other popular sports bike designs out there. However, to ensure that you do not get involved in a roadside accident, or mess up while cycling in traffic, you might want to consider going for any of the above designs. They will increase your safety and make you feel sound and on an excellent ride irrespective of the conditions you are cycling in.


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