You Don’t Necessarily Need A Rangefinder, You’re Phone Could Potentially Do It Too

Golf rangefinders, like the ones you see on Top Golf Rangefinders, are a nice piece of equipment to have if you are looking to improve your game and decrease your shots, or to build confidence in the right club to use. They are specialized for golfing (although some can double for hunting) with measurements of slope and wind speed, etc. But with technology improving every second it seems like, and peoples phones being their lifelines, is there another way than buying an actual individual rangefinder?  

Even though some things are better separate, such as a Fitbit for counting steps (as opposed to your phone), this might not necessarily be the case, but then again, some go to the greens in order to escape the daily tasks and repetition. Generally they are trying to leave their phones in the car for fewer distractions so in that instance a rangefinder is ideal. Let’s take a look at some options though that are available.

Swing by Swing Golf GPS & Scorecard AppFree

Who can beat free? Seriously though this is one of the advantages to being a one device kind of person (I am, my phone does everything for me sadly, except cook so maybe there is an app for that). You don’t have to pay anything extra while getting fabulous features and access to over 34,000 courses. It will find distances for you, and keeps track of your scores. Plus, if where you go isn’t available in the app, you can map it for the next person. It saves your pictures that you took while playing and the trail you took that led you to the finish along with graphs and stats for comparison. There is a chance to pay for more features, $15 annually, which allows for review of wind speed, elevation, and club tracking as well. Really it’s a tool that can be used by anyone with an iPhone or Android device.  Not bad for something that you can get for free.

GolfLogix GPS – Free

Isn’t that an amazing word? This is also another app that will allow you to utilize your phone for another purpose, to improve your golf game. It gives you over 35,000 courses to choose from which means yours will most likely be there. They too offer a premium membership for about $5 per month which gives you no ads on the app, deals for golfing gear and such and club tracking. It’s invaluable when you are trying to improve your game. This is also available for both iPhone and Android.

There are many benefits to being able to use your phone as a rangefinder; first, you only have to carry one thing which is really important. But then again, it could become a distraction while on the greens or you could kill the battery, and then what do you do, you have no phone in case of an emergency and no rangefinder. So ensure that you look at the pros and cons to both the apps as well as the traditional rangefinder because they both have their pros and cons and take it from there.

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