Mountain Bike – The Best Routes In Europe

The Tour de France has inspired many mountain bike riders to go out in search of the best cycling terrains in Europe. Europe is possibly the most cycled continent on earth, and it has many cycling terrains with varying cycling levels from the French Alps to the Icelandic volcano fields. Every cyclist in Europe is guaranteed to find the perfect terrain and this has made the cycling culture in Europe to advance at a faster rate compared to the other continents. Some of the most favoured terrains have the best tour guides and luxurious accommodations. To cycle through these breathtaking routes does not require much investment,  you can easily rent a mountain bike online (

The following are some of the best routes for mountain bike cycling in the European continent.

The French Alps

The French Alps is one of the most important cycling destinations in the world: all thanks to the Tour de France. Thousands of fans pick up their mountain bikes to follow the Tour de France route and do battle amongst themselves and the terrain. The most common way is the Alpe d’Huez, the Col d’Izoard and the Col de Galibier. Those who wish to take on the most gruelling route head to the picturesque Cormet de Roseland while others choose the lesser known routes.

Provence, France

If you are in search for the best route for mountain bike rides, look no further than Provence. This route has everything a cyclist wants, this includes perfect weather, beautiful scenery and most importantly, empty roads. Also, there are the cycling mad locals, the wine and the food. If you want scenic hilltop villages, head to the Luberon.  On the Plateau de Sault, you can head to Giono-esque countryside if you are up to a more gruelling challenge. If you are still looking for a much bigger challenge, head to Mont Ventoux.

Italian Dolomites

This place is located west of the Alps and has some epic climbs that include the Stelvio, Mortirilo and Gavia.

Lake Garda, Italy

This famous cycling destination has Cliffside trails and stunning views of the Pristine Alpine Lake. Riders can zig zag down the vertical drops to enjoy a bike festival at the bottom of the cliff.

Basque Country

The route from Bilbao to Biarritz has incredible terrain and views of the ocean and Mountains.

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